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Innovative Projects built with Breakthrough Technology

Since 1993, ATSER’s patented software and processes have aided in many of the nations largest transportation projects.

Our software is patented solution proven to help you manage your construction projects.

Our signature project experiences include North America’s first Multi-Million-Dollar transportation Design-Build project (UDOT Interstate 15 Reconstruction) for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. In the early 1990’s we pioneered the use of an electronic software solution for Quality Assurance verification and compliance oversight. ATSER developed an off-line software solution to collect construction materials testing and inspection data. We also developed communication software that allowed importing and exporting from the DOT’s existing software. This provided standard quality compliance reports, software support, training, and online user and training manuals. Our Team “pioneered” the first client-server version of Assure-IT, designed specifically for transportation Design-Build, quality assurance verification, and compliance oversight. A PDA with access to a library of electronic templates to standardize inspection and testing forms, data collection, analysis and reporting with a camera attachment for attaching a photo of the site conditions. The data was then synced at the construction office and analyzed in a local server.

In the mid-1990’s, ATSER was awarded the nation’s next alternative delivery transportation project, CDOT’s T-REX project, a Multi-Million, multi-year project in Denver Colorado. Our clients included the Colorado Department of transportation and the Federal Transient Authority (FTA) as they were embarking on 19 miles of expanded highway and light rail through the center of downtown Denver Colorado. ATSER served as the quality Assurance Overseer and deploy a web-based software solution. ATSER’s solution made use of their web-based software solution to provide verification and compliance for the project. ATSER deployed the nation’s first web-based on-line and off-line software solution to collect construction inspections and testing results for this project. It included developing a communication software that allowed importing and exporting the agency’s existing software, providing real-time management reports, software support, training, user and training manuals. ATSER provided real-time reports to the entire project team through out the project.

In 2000, the web-based Assure-IT™ product was introduced on North America’s next major Design-Build project, the famous Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project. ATSER was engaged by WSDOT to bring governance and standardization for the construction data collecting, calculations and reporting. In this role, ATSER deployed its Assure-IT software solution to collect, calculate, analyze and report construction materials and inspection test results. The data was collected using an on-line and off-line methods calculated in the web server and available in real-time to the project team.

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