Success Stories

Maricopa County, AZ 


Maricopa County is the nation’s 4th largest county, encompassing 27 cities and towns, including Phoenix and Tempe. It has experienced rapid growth, claiming to be the “fastest growing county by numeric growth” for most of the last decade. With such staggering growth, their Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) has become a daunting list of multi-million-dollar projects. Maricopa County was in dire need of a Project Management System to keep their lengthy list of projects across the county on track, while working in tandem with their in-house Laboratory Information Management System.


In 2023, Maricopa County awarded ATSER® the contract to deploy the Manage-IT™ ”Program Management System” to manage the $456 million Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

ATSER®, unlike most of its competitors, offers the ability to customize the system to our client’s exact needs while guaranteeing cost certainty.

With ATSER’s Manage-IT™, project managers can manage workflow, manage documents, control costs, control scheduling, manage quality compliance, and handle reporting from anywhere in real-time. This helps Maricopa County stay on schedule and on budget for its plethora of Capital Improvement projects.