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Choosing the right partner to ensure the successful, timely, and cost-efficient completion of every aspect of a construction project is very important to cities and municipalities today. The City of Houston selected ATSER to be their partner in providing a system and staff to develop, deliver, and operationally support a web-based CIP Management System for the Public Works & Engineering Department. Our system not only saved the City of Houston money but allowed for the project’s on-time completion.

The City of Mont Belvieu also partnered with ATSER for our web-based program management software because of its proven track record of delivering comprehensive, integrated, real-time management solutions. We provided an online solution for managing all aspects of their capital project throughout the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation phases. To meet the city’s rapid growth needs and requirements, we also provided customization to configure business logic and workflow requirements. In turn, this enabled the city to have better collaboration and ensured high quality results at a lower cost.

The City of Pearland continues to be one of America’s fastest growing suburban areas—almost doubling in size since 2010. With this rapid growth, Pearland’s project coordinators needed a management solution that could keep up with the city’s rapidly changing needs. To continue effectively delivering quality transportation, facility, drainage and utility projects on time and within budget, the projects department sought out a comprehensive project management solution that could increase productivity, enable better collaboration and ultimately ensure high quality at a lower cost. Through our powerful, fully integrated suite of real-time management solutions for the engineering and construction industries, we were able to not only meet their expectations but do so in a timely and efficient fashion.

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