Success Stories

City of Pearland


The City of Pearland is one of America’s fastest growing suburban areas – tripling in population from 2000 to 2010. With this rapid growth, Pearland’s project coordinators needed a management solution that could keep up with the city’s rapidly changing needs.

ss-Pearland Project


To continue effectively delivering quality transportation, facility, drainage, and utility projects on time and within budget, the Project Department sought out a comprehensive project management solution that could increase productivity, enable better collaboration and ultimately ensure high quality at a lower cost. The team investigated software solutions to increase automation and improve coordination between the field and administration. “We needed a system that could simplify reporting,” explains Cuong Le, Project Coordinator for the Projects Department. “We also wanted the solution to help us be more agile with real-time data updates and help us see the big picture without letting the details get lost.”

ATSER’s Manage-IT™ “Program Management System” is a robust, fully integrated suite of real-time management solutions for the engineering and construction industries. It is used by public and private organizations to facilitate and deliver information throughout the project life cycle – planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance including materials, engineering, and workmanship.