Transit Authorities

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With America’s growing national population, more and more people are relying on urban and suburban transit systems for their travel needs. To ease traffic congestion and modernize their transportation systems, public entities are continuously adding new mass transit systems and striving to improve the ones they already have in place. They are also looking to find a better way for people to move around in order to fulfill the infrastructure needs of all sizes of cities. Such transit systems include commuter rail, high-speed rail, light rail, monorail, elevated rail, and subway systems.


ATSER has worked with mass transit system/transit authority clients and submitted proposals for projects throughout the United States. In doing so we have been able to provide these entities with project management oversight, change order management, and other governance capabilities. That’s one of the many reasons why we have been chosen to propose on and run many of the projects for the largest transit systems in America.

With Houston’s population expected to almost double in size over the next twenty years, Houston’s METRONext Moving Forward Plan is the way of the future.  Arising from Houston area community members’ and leaders’ input and suggestions, this plan is designed to ease traffic congestion and provide for more accessibility and usability for the disabled and seniors.   According to the Houston METRO Authority, it also proposes expansions across several types of transportation, along with investments in service and accessibility. They also say the goal is to give people more ways to move around the region with no tax increase.


Houston’s METRO Authority Board of Directors awarded ATSER™ Systems, Inc. a five-year contract on a $7.5 billion project to provide software and implementation services for their hosted Project Management Information System (PMIS).  During deployment ATSER™ will be integrating METRO’s ERP system into Manage-IT™.  They will be using ATSER’s system to manage every construction management aspect of their METRONext program.

The Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority In 2006, ATSER was selected to perform Quality Assurance services on METRO’s Quality Program for its $5B rail and transit expansions identified as METRO Solutions, Phase II. At the time, METRO was considering traditional Design-Bid-Build (DBB) and alternative delivery methods such as Design-Build (DB), Design-Build including Operate and Maintain (DBOM), and Finance with Design-Build including Operate and Maintain (FDBOM). After submitting a White Paper describing the various delivery methods and their advantages and disadvantages, ATSER was contracted to develop METRO’s Quality Master Plan (QMP), which received FTA approval, and a detailed Quality Assurance Requirements (QAR) document outlining the requirements of the Quality Assurance Plans (QAP). We deployed Assure-ITTM, a web base quality assurance system software solution with an Oracle database for material inspection and testing data collection, calculate and reporting software solution. The solution permitted CIP data to be collected via desktop and mobile devices. The solution also allow online and offline data collection. The data was shared via internet to all team members.

Contracting with ATSER™, The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) was able to develop the largest multimodal transportation design-build project in U.S. history. In doing so, ATSER™ provided the Southeast Corridor Constructors (SECC) and Transportation Expansion project (T-REX) Team with construction management and materials testing, and analysis services on Denver’s T-REX project. This project increased mobility, enhanced accessibility and transportation options, and improved safety for the traveling public. The project included 19.5 miles of highway expansion and improvements, as well as the addition of a light rail. Our team provided the construction management, materials inspection and testing, and the deployment of Quality Assurance software services. The $1.67 billion project included 19.5 miles of highway expansion and improvements as well as the addition of a light rail. Through the use of our web-based quality management software application (with an Oracle database), Assure-IT™, we collected, analyzed, and verified test data resulting from the SECC Design-Build Contractor’s QA/QC test results. This solution permitted data to be collected via desktop and mobile devices, allowed it to be shared via browsers to all team members, and allowed online and offline data collection.

ATSER™ was selected by the Houston Metro Authority Metro Planning Engineering And Construction team to supply Manage-IT™ to help manage their complex and diverse programs. The agency was completing a major multi-billion-dollar rail system expansion and realized they had outgrown their old system of managing projects with spreadsheets. To continue effectively delivering quality transportation and facility projects on-time and within their budget, the PEC sought out a comprehensive project management solution that could increase productivity, enable better collaboration, and guarantee higher quality at a lower cost. They also wanted a software solution to increase automation and improve coordination between field and administration personnel. Through our robust, fully integrated suite of real-time management solutions, we provided them with the system and results they desired. In addition, we were able to facilitate and deliver information throughout the project lifecycle — planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance including materials engineering and workmanship.