The Field-IT  “Field Management System” Application is designed to revolutionize communication between field employees and the office, to support construction professionals who need to stay connected and organized while working in the field.

The app features a new user interface as well as the ability to add photos from the camera and photo library.  It also enables real-time mobile data collection, faster and more consistent materials test reporting, and construction reporting for heavy civil engineering projects.

The offline features include most activities normally required in the field at a construction site, and the offline feature-capability appears seamlessly to the user in a zone of non-connectivity. Once connectivity is established, the data collected is automatically uploaded and synced into the system.

The Field-IT app is fully integrated with ATSER’s Manage-IT Modules, which makes it the perfect solution for heavy civil engineering projects. With the Field-IT app, construction professionals can store and view documents on their mobile devices, making it easy to access important information when they need it.
The key features of the app are:
  • Ability to input data with or without online connectivity
  • Inspections and field reporting using mobile application
  • Store and view documents in device
  • Full integration with Manage-IT modules
  • Auto-synchronization when connectivity is established
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Standardized reporting of quality records

Schedule Management

ATSER’s scheduling solution provides critical milestone management, import/export and schedule health check capability, along with robust reporting, and look ahead ability.


Workflow Management

ATSER solutions provide your team with user defined workflows that allow for the customization of document tracking and work processes.


All-In-One System

ATSER’s all-in-one, user-friendly system can be customized to meet organizational needs with dynamic modules that work seamlessly together for optimal performance.


ATSER Enterprise Solutions


Project Management

  • Project Management tools and workflows 
  • Project Management dashboards 
  • Key performance indicators (KPI’s) 
  • Reporting and action items 
  • Robust and adaptable permissions model 
  • Multi-Project management 
  • Management of project controls activities 
Document & Drawing Management

Document & Drawing Management

  • Single source of truth 
  • Standardized file/folder structure with user defined functionality 
  • Real-time collaborations 
  • Business process management (workflows) 
  • Distributions and notifications 
  • All phases of project documentation 
  • Review historical data 

Planning Management

  • Setup of project controls 
  • Account structure (funding, change orders, bid items, cost and schedule) 
  • Plan project log 
  • Integration of all software modules 


Design Management

  • Real-time access to the latest version of the drawings 
  • Use of standard PDF formats Historical view of all plans 
  • Ease of collaboration of RFI’s and submittals from the field 
  • Helps workmanship inspection 
  • Assists contract compliance 
  • Allows for quick decision-making 


Construction Management

  • Construction Administration  
  • Submittals and correspondence 
  • Real-time estimates 
  • Utilities management 
  • Generation of RFI’s and tracking 
  • Change orders 
  • Project close-out management 
  • Field data collection 
  • Punchlist 


Quality Management

  • Quality Management Dashboards 
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for Civil Projects 
  • Offline Compatibility  
  • Inspections, Materials Testing 
  • Mix Designs, Checklists and IPPs 
  • Lab control charts 
  • Inspector’s Daily Reports-Link Quality Compliance 
  • Non-conformance alerts & reporting 
  • Integrated governing of specs and reports 
  • Standardized reporting of quality records 
  • Daily reports that roll into monthly pay apps 
  • User defined electronic checklists 


Additional Solutions

Manage-IT™ is a state of the art web-based Program Management solution that provides an integrated system for all phases of the owner’s project.

Assure-IT™ is ATSER’s real-time, web-based Quality Management Solution for labs in the construction and engineering industries.

Construct-IT™ is an intuitive Construction Management Solution which allows you to control administrative, cost, scheduling and quality compliance.

Draw-IT™ is ATSER’s cloud-based Drawing Management Solution that consists of the Drawing Library feature. This exclusive feature provides drawings in the field in real-time, as well as for your office enterprise.

Plan-IT™ is ATSER’s Planning Management System that automates the planning phase of Engineering and Construction programs.

ATSER is always interested in new, challenging and exciting projects