Commercial Labs

Assure-IT A Robust Quality Management System

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Terradyne, a leader in geotechnical and environmental engineering civil site design and construction materials testing, reached out to ATSER when they needed to automate their communication systems. Our group was able to transform their outdated system into a modern, fully automated program that not only increased their communication efficiency but improved their productivity.

While working with another lab management software company that was not meeting their needs, Rone Engineering reached out to us to automate their billing, track individual project manager activities, and more. After working with another company, they found our competitor’s product did not fit what they do. They chose ATSER® to take over the job and found our systems and capabilities not only fit exactly what they do but fit their current and future goals.

Blackburn Consulting, an employee-owned, collaborative company, hired ATSER to give them a more robust, streamlined, and connected program. We were not only able to stream the field to the lab in a much more efficient manner but we also enabled approvals to be made at a faster pace.

Premiere consultant Vibranalysis/VTI switched to ATSER when their current program was not meeting their goals, and was not integrable. Through our Assure-It system, we were able to give them the customized features they needed along with the integration they needed.

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