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After an extensive search, GDOT selected ATSER to provide the best, most robust software solution, and to become the trusted guardian of their construction records.  Georgia Department of Transportation has partnered with ATSER to provide Assure-IT™, ATSER’s flagship software, for their Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).  Georgia Department of Transportation is currently focused on a 10 year 13 Billion program with peak construction approaching $6 Million in construction costs per day.

When they were looking for a transportation project management system, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) selected ATSER to provide a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for their statewide construction materials compliance program. MassDOT wanted a robust software solution that would manage their construction materials testing program, and store and maintain their compliance information in one centralized location. ATSER provided MassDOT with a comprehensive, user-friendly software solution designed to not only help them streamline their project information but do so in a much more cost-efficient and timely manner. Through ATSER, MassDOT now has a more streamlined, organized approach in managing their projects statewide.

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) responded to the transportation need resulting from Salt Lake City’s successful selection to host the 2002 Winter Olympic Games by making use of the design-build delivery process to accelerate the construction schedule.  The aggressive construction schedule required $1 million of construction daily to achieve the deadline.   The projects consisted of 17 miles of roadway and 132 bridges, with a construction cost of more than $1.3 billion and a completion target date to accommodate Utah’s transportation needs. ATSER was contracted to provide project management services including management of the Quality Assurance Program, Engineering Inspection, and Verification Testing Services and Electronic Software Solution to collect, analyze and report results for what was at the time the largest transportation design-build contract awarded in the United States.

Contracted by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), ATSER provided the T-REX team construction management, materials inspection and testing, and deployment of Quality Assurance software services.  The $1.67 Billion Dollar project included 19.5 miles of highway expansion and improvements as well as the addition of light rail.  Through the use of Assure-IT™, ATSER collected, analyzed, and verified the test data resulting from the Southeast Corridors Constructors (SECC) Design-Build Contractor’s QA/QC test results.

ATSER was contracted by the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to provide professional quality management services in support of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project in Tacoma, Washington. This $849 million project added a second suspended bridge crossing over the Tacoma Narrows waterway located 30 miles southwest of Seattle.  For this project, ATSER was tasked to prepare a Quality Assurance Procedure for Construction (QAPC) that identifies the roles and responsibilities of all parties for all aspects of construction quality. The QAPC provides the procedural basis for tracking workmanship and material quality by both WSDOT and the design-build team.

We are also working on the New York State Department of Transportation’s (NYSDOT) Hunts Point Interstate Access Improvement Project, addressing structural and operational deficiencies. While working on this project we continue to successfully integrate our program with Site Manager.

The Sea-to-Sky Highway project in British Columbia, Canada was one of the first public/private partnerships to reach financial closure within the North American transportation market. With a budget of $490 Million, The Sea-to-Sky Highway project was needed for Vancouver to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  ATSER was contracted by Peter Kiewit and Sons (PKS) to provide Assure-ITTM, a web-based Quality Management System (QMS) that brings governance and standardization for construction management, inspection, and testing.  The system was also required to provide off-line capabilities and an option for the French language.

The North Tarrant Express in Dallas/Fort Worth is dedicated to improving mobility along north I-35W, northeast I-820, and SH 121/183 Airport Freeway through a regionally supported managed lane system.  The I-35W corridor will become a “Smart Corridor”, using active traffic management technology to dynamically control traffic based on real-time roadway conditions, enabling information to the traveling public, to improve transit times, and allow transportation and law enforcement officials to better respond to incidents with real-time information.  The entire program is over $ 2.5B in Construction.  ATSER services included providing Ferrovial Agroman (NTI, LLC) a state-of-the-art project control system for the North Tarrant Express (NTE).  ATSER’s software solution included a management system for drawings, inspection, testing, and documents.

ATSER is currently working with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) on its I-75 Modernization Project. MDOT selected the Oakland Corridor Partners (OCP) team as the preferred bidder. OCP is a consortium of construction, engineering, asset management, and investment firms including John Laing, AECOM Capital, and Dan’s Excavating. ATSER is also currently working with AECOM on this project, and our online products provide all of the necessary program management tools they need in one fully integrated solution.

Harris County Toll Road Authority (HTCRA’s) Sam Houston Ship Channel Bridge has been an integral part of Houston transportation for over 25 years. The $1 Billion project expanded two lanes each way and spans 750 feet to four lanes each way and span 1,320 feet over the Houston Ship Channel.  ATSER’s online product has been selected to provide all necessary program management, project controls, document management, drawing management, construction progress, cost control, scheduling, quality control, and reporting combined in one fully integrated solution.  ATSER also supplied an onsite system, IT support, and training.

The Camino Columbia Toll Road project created access from Mexico to the United States. The toll road was designed to improve North-South access to and from Mexico and the U.S. through the construction of a $100 million, 22- mile, two-lane tollway. The project also included the construction of 10 roadway intersections requiring bridges. ATSER was retained by the design-build team to review and develop an alternate structural pavement design in accordance with TxDOT standards. During construction, ATSER was responsible for the entire Quality Assurance Program, including establishing the project controls for quality assurance and quality acceptance. ATSER also monitored the use of local materials and their availability as well as reviewing material test results. ATSER provided full-time, on-site personnel to provide field testing, inspection, and laboratory services as well as the administration of the Quality Assurance Program throughout the duration of the project.

For over 25 years ATSER has provided several State Highway Agencies with the technology to manage several large, multi-billion dollar programs. Click on the map to see our substantial company history of success stories with Government Agencies.

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