State Highway Agencies

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For more than a quarter-century, ATSER has been building software solutions for the transportation industry. We have become a trusted agency advisor for construction management, electronic drawings, online inspection, and testing records. We earned this reputation while successfully executing over $500 billion in transportation construction jobs, including some of the most prestigious projects in North America.

For example, today we have statewide projects with the Georgia Department of Transportation Office of Innovative Delivery (OID) Program and our systems manage an average of $6 Million in construction costs per day. After an extensive search, GDOT selected ATSER to provide the best, most robust software solutions, and to become the trusted guardian of their construction records.

When they were looking for a transportation project management system, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) selected ATSER to provide a Laboratory Information Materials Management System (LIMMS) for their statewide construction materials compliance program. MassDOT wanted a robust software solution that would manage their construction materials testing program, and store and maintain their compliance information in one centralized location. ATSER provided MassDOT with a comprehensive, user-friendly software solution designed to not only help them streamline their project information but do so in a much more cost-efficient and timely manner. Through ATSER, MassDOT now has a more streamlined, organized approach in managing their projects statewide.

ATSER is currently working with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) on its I-75 Modernization Project. MDOT selected the Oakland Corridor Partners (OCP) team as the preferred bidder. OCP is the consortium of construction, engineering, asset management, and investment firms including John Laing, AECOM Capital, and Dan’s Excavating. ATSER is also currently working with AECOM on this project, and our online products provide all of the necessary program management tools they need in one fully integrated solution.

We are also working on the New York State Department of Transportation’s (NYSDOT) Hunts Point Interstate Access Improvement Project, addressing structural and operational deficiencies. While working on this project we continue to successfully integrate our program with Site Manager.

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For over 25 years ATSER has provided several State Highway Agencies with the technology to manage several large, multi-billion dollar programs. Click on the map to see our substantial company history of success stories with Government Agencies.

Our realtime state-of-the-art software systems provide customizable features for which most transportation agencies are looking. These features include project organization, budget planning and management, digital drawing capabilities, quality assurance and quality control management, and more. Our programs also provide a systematic approach for receiving service requests electronically, requesting call logs, receiving and transmitting dispatching decisions, and dispatching technicians. In addition, our technology manages laboratory and field-testing activities, performs tests, tracks testing assignments, analyzes and validates test data, reports test results, and provides consultant invoicing compliance and accreditation compliance.

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