Success Stories

METRO Next Program Management for Planning, Engineering and Construction


With Houston’s population expected to almost double in size over the next twenty years, METRO is paving the way of the future.  Arising from Houston area community members’ and leaders’ input and suggestions, plans were developed to ease traffic congestion and provide for more accessibility and usability for the disabled and senior populations.  According to the Houston METRO Authority, it also proposes expansions across several types of transportation, along with investments in service and accessibility.

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ATSER® was selected to provide an agency wide project control system for METRO’s $7.5 billion Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The scope of the work included project management tools, document control, cost, schedule, and quality compliance with contract documents. ATSER® was also selected to perform Quality Assurance on METRO’s Quality Program for its $5 billion rail and transitions solutions, identified as METRO Solutions, Phase II, and make use of the Requirement Manager System (RMS) to conduct audits electronically and systemically for contract requirements, design, construction, and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) activities.

ATSER® serves as METRO’s program and project controls manager and provides organization of program resources, cost, and time. ATSER® provides contract management of planning, design, construction, drawings, quality, schedule, workflows, and records. ATSER® provides “real-time” project reporting through dashboards and project reporting customizable to client specifications and requirements. ATSER® tracks value, milestones, and invoicing. ATSER® provides updates to the capital projects master file and a review of cost estimates, schedules, quality control, risk analysis, and SAP invoices. ATSER® provides METRO document control training in project management system operations. Current roles for support onsite include training users based on their role. ATSER® also provides a laboratory information system.

For planning, engineering and construction, ATSER provides interfaces between work groups. ATSER® provides simplified project focused document control plans. ATSER® also obtains management review/ comments.  In addition, ATSER® provides roll-out plans and provides project utilization metrics. For design, ATSER® manages plan reviews, drawings, specifications, utility coordination, and public meetings.

For construction, ATSER® provides management of daily progress, ad hoc reports, daily diaries, coordination of requests for information, construction progress payment estimates, and change orders.

For quality, ATSER® provides governance, assurance and auditing of inspection, workmanship, and material testing compliance. ATSER® also provides dispatching, data analysis, management of construction verification, and workmanship inspection.