Success Stories

Houston METRO
Transit Authority


The Houston METRO Transit Authority is responsible for numerous complex and diverse programs, requiring a robust project management system.

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In 2015, ATSER was selected by METRO to supply Manage-IT™ to help manage its numerous programs. The selection was made when the agency was completing a major multi-billion-dollar expansion of their rail system and realized they had out grown managing projects with spreadsheets.  To continue effectively delivering quality transportation and facility projects on time and within budget, the PEC sought out a comprehensive project management solution that could increase productivity, enable better collaboration and ultimately ensure higher quality at a lower cost.  The Team investigated software solutions to increase automation and improve coordination between the field and administration. After extensive investigation, they decided to utilize ATSER’s Manage-IT™ software to help METRO manage the CIPMS.

ATSER’s Manage-IT™ Program Management System is a robust, fully integrated suite of real-time management solutions for the engineering and construction industries.  It is used by public and private organizations to facilitate and deliver information throughout the project lifecycle — planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance including materials engineering and workmanship.