Success Stories

City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering


The City of Houston was in need of both support and a CIP management system for the Public Works & Engineering Department.

ss-City of Houston Project


The City of Houston selected ATSER® to provide staff to develop, deliver and operationally support a web-based CIP Management System, Manage-IT™, for the Public Works & Engineering Department.  The introduction of a GIS interface as a principal entry point into the hundreds of projects contained within that database has been a major feature in the success of its implementation.  The system also includes a unique front-end interface that makes use of mobile devices for the collection of field construction data.

Manage-IT™ (also known as CIPMS), ATSER’s patented software engine, is the tool that drives the CIPMS.  Simply stated, the status of projects can be tracked from the planning stage throughout actual construction and closeout.  The system includes a comprehensive project document management control system to house all project information in a single repository.

The Manage-IT™ software is web-based, thereby allowing access on a 24/7 basis from any device with internet connectivity.  It makes use of Oracle database and defined end user specified forms and reports to create an electronic knowledgebase for project management’s use through all phases of a project.

Using Manage-IT™, the ECRE Division of PW&E, can monitor real-time project status, maintain more accurate records, allow project participants to effectively communicate and collaborate, access relevant project content in a secure environment, improve the inspectors’ efforts in collecting field information and better manage testing.