Success Stories

City Of Houston Capital Improvement Plan


The City of Houston selected ATSER to provide staff to develop, deliver and operationally support a web-based CIP Management System, Manage-IT™, for the Public Works & Engineering Department. The introduction of a GIS interface as a principal entry point into the hundreds of projects contained within that database has been a major feature in the success of its implementation. The system also includes a unique front-end interface that makes use of mobile devices for the collection of field construction data.

ss-Houston Project


ATSER deployed a web-based application with an Oracle database for the annual Capital Improvements Program (CIP) data collection software solution. The solution permitted CIP data to be collected via desktop and mobile devices. The data was shared via browsers to all team members. The solution also allows offline data collection. Using Manage-IT™, the ECRE Division of PW&E can monitor real-time project status, maintain more accurate records, allow project participants to effectively communicate and collaborate, access relevant project content in a secure environment, and improve the inspector’s efforts in collecting field information and better manage testing.