Success Stories



Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) sought out a LIMS software solution to manage all the materials testing statewide for their $20 billion state highway program. The system needed to standardize materials-related information, support laboratory and field testing, along with all other attributes associated with the LIMS process for MassDOT’s Central Laboratory and six District Laboratories. MassDOT required business process designs and integration with existing technology assets.

ss-MassDot Project


MassDOT selected ATSER’s Assure-IT™ “Quality Management System” to provide governance and standardization for the construction management, inspection, and testing requirements. By employing Assure-IT™, MassDOT had the ability to make better decisions relating to each of their projects because project information is easily accessible whether they are in the office, in the field, on any mobile device, or at home (based on an approved permission model).

MassDOT did not want a digital twin of their existing processes. Rather, they asked ATSER’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to recommend and implement a best practice software solution that improved upon their existing policies, processes, and procedures. The ATSER® solution was integrated with MassDOT’s financial systems, including TISH (MassDOT’s legacy project management system) and CMS (MassDOT’s legacy construction management system). ATSER® then migrated data from MassDOT’s TISH and CMS systems.