Success Stories

Pasadena Independent School District


The Pasadena Independent School District bond program included new construction and renovations for thirteen schools. These schools included a new high school, a replacement high school, a replacement middle school, a new fifth-grade campus, classroom additions at two elementary schools, major renovations at two middle schools, and new athletic facilities at existing campuses. The Pasadena Independent School District required support in multiple areas.


ATSER representatives provided construction materials, testing, and inspections for the thirteen schools included in the initiative, encompassing more than 400,000 square feet of construction for new educational facilities. ATSER also provided a full scope of services encompassing earthwork, foundations, batch plant and field inspection of concrete and asphaltic concrete and reinforcing steel inspections and structural steel inspections. In addition, it included welding and high-strength bolting inspections, ultrasonic inspections, verification of fireproofing products and applications for compliance with project specifications and local and UBC requirements.

ATSER’s practices were demonstrated by the innovative and unique use of personal digital assistants and web page data access. Utilizing the Assure-IT™ software program, representatives recorded test data and inspection observations on digital devices in the field. Draft reports were printed at that moment for use by the contractor and other relevant personnel in the field. The test reports were posted on the internet so that anyone who had appropriate passwords could view them on our web site. This immediacy of information was crucial in eliminating possible loss of time normally caused by delays in verifying report data. ATSER’s project manager driven system provided a forum for rapid resolution of problems; as a result lag time was considerably reduced.