Success Stories

Port of Houston Authority (PHA)


The Port of Houston is home to hundreds of public and private facilities. It is also the nation’s largest port for waterborne tonnage.

ss-Port of Houston Project


ATSER’s Construct-IT™ web-based technology was selected to provide integrated Project Management information for use by the Port of Houston Authority (PHA).  PHA will use Construct-IT™ to provide tracking of capital improvement projects for all phases from planning and design to construction.

The Construct-IT™ CIP system uses an Oracle open architecture database that will be integrated with existing PHA database systems.  ATSER will provide systems integration support to configure business logic and workflow requirements into the system to promote seamless, information interchange.  The web-based technology includes internet security controlled by individual login/passwords that define roles, responsibilities, viewing, editing, and access rights.  The Construct-IT™ CIP System performs a detailed estimate tracking of project timelines and documentation of cost, schedule, quality and contract administration information for all engineering and construction CIP projects.