Success Stories

North Tarrent Express in Dallas/Fort Worth


The North Tarrant Express in Dallas/Fort Worth is dedicated to improving mobility along north I-35W, northeast I-820 and SH 121/183 Airport Freeway, through a regionally supported managed lane system. The IH 35W corridor will become a “Smart Corridor”, using active traffic management technology to dynamically control traffic based on real-time roadway conditions, enabling information to the traveling public, to improve transit times and allow transportation and law enforcement officials to better respond to incidents with real-time information. This is the third transportation infrastructure project in the US to reach financial close with direct investment by a pension fund (PPP). Segment 3A was scheduled to begin construction in early 2014, with completion estimated in 2018. Segment 3B was constructed by Lane Construction (Lane). Ferrovial Agroman (Ferrovial) is responsible for Segment 3C. The entire program is over $2.5 billion in construction.


ATSER services included providing our state-of-the-art project control system for the North Tarrant Express Way (NTE). ATSER’s software solution included a management system for the following: drawings, inspection, testing and record keeping. We deployed our web-based applications for record keeping, electronic blueprints, dynamic inspection reports and a quality management system integrated with a documented management system. The solution permitted the use of electronic blueprints and dynamic inspection reports, collection, calculation, and reporting of construction data via desktops and mobile devices. The solution also allowed online and offline data collection. The data, available in real-time, was shared via the internet with all team members.