Manage-ITTM Program Management System is a state of the art web-based software solution that provides an integrated document management system for all phases of the program including planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance. The hub allows administration documentation, drawing, cost, schedule and quality management systems. There are a number of software modules that are designed to facilitate the collection, review, archiving and eventual retrieval at a later date. The modules are unique but also integrated and complementary programs. Working independently or in conjunction with each other, these programs allow the management of all documents, control cost, schedule and quality. These software suites enable the management team to review, cost, schedule and quality in real-time during the various project phases of work including planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance. The suite of software is compatible with all operating systems and browsers available today.


Assure-ITTM “Quality Management System” is a unique quality management software solution for collecting, analyzing, reporting, archiving and facilitating future retrieval. The system includes the use of best practices check lists for design and construction activities. In addition, the compliance reports (ITP) permit a multiple inspectors to enter their data on the same form. The electronic feature facilitates communication between the contractor and inspection and testing requests. The software also enhances reporting and reduces the potential for disrupting the schedule. The material testing features allow the collection, analysis, and reporting in real time. The analysis feature allows the evaluation of the collected data. The data is shared with all team members via the web.


Construct-ITTM Construction Management System is a user-friendly and intuitive construction management system that allows you to manage the whole project life cycle of multiple projects. Construct-ITTM assists the construction managers with contract information, cost and budget control, change order information, work in progress determination, schedule interface and automatic bid tabulation.


Design-ITTM Design Management System is comprehensive web-based design management system. The system is a project design management tool that allows the consultant and the design engineer team to track all design information from agreements to schedules to values, amendments, and invoices. This system allows the user to prepare cost versus budget reconciliation documents required to satisfy public transparency requirements. With the system users can setup design agreements with multiple vendors that can be efficiently accessed and utilized throughout the project lifecycle. Design-IT can process invoices associated with the projects from receipt to approval to payment in a timely manner. It also can rapidly produce standard reports (such as variance budget reports, priority project, project phase chart reports, project schedule reports, etc.) requested by various stakeholders.


Dispatch-ITTM Work Request Management System is a web-based, Service Request Automation System that logs incoming service requests, generates a work order to address that request, tracks work progress and provides real time status and reporting capabilities to enhance client satisfaction. Dispatch-IT™ also creates work orders for inspectors and technicians to be dispatched into the field. The system will allow the dispatcher to create electronic work orders describing the type of work that needs to be performed, the procedure to be used to perform that work, the location of the work, the time they need to be there, and the technician assigned to perform the work. The work order is electronically received on the technician’s or inspector's mobile device.


Draw-ITTM Design Drawing Management is a unique drawing management software system that serves as an alternative to traditional blueprints. The software enables the designers to upload their design packages to the library, index and retrieve for future use. The software also allows the latest versions to be viewed quickly through the use of mobile devices. All archived versions remain available for a detailed history.


Plan-ITTM is a unique web based planning management system. The system allows agencies to plan a large number of projects and track multiple sources of funds to budget the project based on the calendar life. It offers real time project balance between budgets and expenditures. This system is a great tool for project forecast to predict future fund needs.


Track-ITTM Document Management System is a comprehensive web-based document control system. This document control system coordinates activities between owners, designers, contractors and other service providers to facilitate interactive management and communication among all team members. The software solution provides a web-based filing cabinet and a workspace for project collaboration.


Time-ITTM Time Card Management System is a unique biometric identification recognition feature. This system provides an electronic timesheet that authenticates each individual by recording the attendance data of individuals based on their registered fingerprints. It allows the individual to electronically record daily time entry accurately by “clocking-in” and “clocking-out.”