The Approve-IT™ Workflow Management System


ATSER® Unveils New Approve-it™ “Workflow Management System” Module, Automating The Approval Process Of Forms And Documents For Increased Efficiency

HOUSTON, TX—ATSER®, a leading provider of construction software solutions, is proud to announce the unveiling of its new Approve-IT™ “Workflow Management System”. ATSER’s Approve-IT™ is a user-defined module within the overall Manage-IT™ “Program Management System” software, which automates the approval process of forms and other documents for increased efficiency.

With the Approve-IT™ “Workflow Management System”, users can upload pre-prepared forms into the system, create new user-defined forms, and modify any form at any time. The system also has a workflow library module where the user can create “user-defined” workflows that can be modified by the user as needed without additional development coding.

“The Approve-IT™ ‘Workflow Management System’ module is designed to provide our customers with a software platform that not only automates the review and approval process but provides them with the ability to define their own forms and workflows without the need for additional programming, creating a truly cohesive and user-friendly experience,” states ATSER CEO Dr. David Frederick Martinez.

As part of its productivity-based design, the Approve-IT™ “Workflow Management System” has the built-in capability for users to perform ad-hoc searches and reporting. It also has the ability to capture photos attached to forms and other documents that become searchable in a photo library.

In addition, the module provides a feature called “Ball in Court (BIC)” that allows the users to access the status of all workflows that are in process and determine who has acted, and who presently has the action to take, all in real-time.

Key benefits of the Approve-IT™ “Workflow Management System” include:

  • Automated workflow review and approval of all forms and documents
  • Full integration with Manage-IT™ “Program Management System” software
  • The ability to create and store user-defined workflows for the routing of forms and documents
  • The ability to upload pre-prepared forms that can be modified in the system by the user
  • The ability to create new user-defined forms
  • A Dropdown Library housing information to be used in designated form dropdown menus
  • Real-time status of the volume of activity and visibility of eForms over a given period
  • The ability to view and take actions on assigned tasks in one central location
  • Ad-hoc searches and reporting based on information placed in the dropdown menus
  • The ability to search and view all photos associated with related forms


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About ATSER®
ATSER® is a premier provider of construction project management software and engineering services, with a mission to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of construction projects. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, ATSER has established a solid reputation for delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer service. The company’s comprehensive suite of services includes project management solutions, laboratory information management solutions, and field management solutions, for the architectural, engineering and construction industry.


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