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Track-IT™ is ATSER’s web-based Document Management Solution that allows Owners, Designers, Contractors & other service providers the capability to store and categorize all information associated with any project. When a new contract is opened within the Construct-IT™ module, Track-IT™ will automatically create a file folder structure that will be used to archive documents as they are created. The Administrators, Engineers, Project Managers and Directors can further customize the library of information and can create additional folders and sub-folders. ATSER® can provide customization per the client’s requirements. Another feature is the systems integration support to construct the business logic and workflow requirements to meet any particular need. The web-based technology also includes Internet security controlled by individual login/passwords that define roles, responsibilities, viewing, editing, and access rights.

Key Features:

Automatic Linking Construction Management Documents to Project Summary Information

Facilitates the Saving of Scanned Versions of Key Documents Including RFIs, Submittals, Plans

Facilitates the Storing of All Project Correspondence

Use Conventional Folder/File Structure

User Level Access and Viewing Rights

Extensive Search, Version Control and Archive Capabilities

Electronic Workflow, Routing and Alerts

Index Folders

Facilitate Retrieval

Document Version Control

Document Collaboration

Store all project correspondence

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