Throwback Thursday! CDOT and the T-REX Project collaborate with ATSER

Throwback Thursday! CDOT and the T-REX Project collaborate with ATSER

A quick run back down memory lane today, our next major project was the Colorado Department of Transportation’s T-REX (Transportation Expansion Project) in 2001. The origins of the project take place in 1992 when a study commissioned by the Denver Regional Council of Governments. They soon realized that the volume of traffic had reached its limit of 180,000 cars per day. With gridlock in the foreseeable future, the study recommended widening the freeways and integrate other mass transit options.

Thus, the largest multi-modal transportation design-build project began in Denver. The project’s goal was to widen 19 miles of I-25 and I-225, add 19.7 miles of light rail, and rebuild eight interchanges before the operational deadline of June 2008 and within a budget of $1.6B.

ATSER provided the T-REX Project with construction management, materials inspection and testing, and deployment of our Quality Assurance software, Assure-IT™.  Our software, used by the entire construction team collected, analyzed, and verified the data gathered by Southeast Corridors Constructors (SECC) Design-Build Contractors QA/QC test results.

Again this was back way before smartphones and wireless internet was not widely used. Field data and test results were recorded with personal digital assistants (PDA’s – think Fred Flinstone with a cell phone). The data was input offline, in the field, and synced to a central server once connectivity was established. This process helped speed up the testing and inspection by entering the testing data at the source.

Ultimately CDOT’s T-REX project was completed two years ahead of schedule in 2006. The collaboration between the design-build teams and ATSER’s software helped speed up the testing, reporting, and verification process.

Technology and our software have come a LONG way since 2006. Check out the evolution of Assure-IT™ here.


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