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Manage-IT™ Assure-IT™ Construct-IT™ Draw-IT™ Track-IT™

Asphalt-IT™ “Asphalt Mixture Design” 

  • simplifies the mix design process by identifying the most cost-effective recipe.


Assure-IT™ “Quality Management System”

  • our flagship product allows a comprehensive software solution that insures compliance with project quality requirements.


BidIT™ “Bidding Management System”

  • a web‐based software feature designed for project owners to manage construction contractors’ bidding data.  The software solution provides governance to the traditional bidding process and facilitates the project cost analysis.


Budget-IT™” Budget Management System”

  • allows managers to review budget estimates and forecasted projections tie to actual expenditures—making it easier to stay on track, or course-correct if need be.


Concrete-IT™ “Concrete Mixture Design”

  • simplifies the mix design process by identifying the most cost-effective recipe.


Construct-IT™ “Construction Management System”

  • software combines document, construction/project management, budgeting, scheduling and quality for complete contract compliance.


Contract-IT™ “Contract Management System”

  • streamlines contract management from the sale all the way through contract execution and renewal. Built-in collaboration, version control, document history, and electronic signature make it easier than ever to draft, negotiate, and sign contracts.


Design-IT™ “Design Management System”

  • enables the project manager to track the designer progress and collaborate with the project team.


Dispatch-IT™ “Dispatching Management System” 

  • receiving and dispatching personnel to their assign projects with the documented work order that details assigned duties.


Draw-IT™ “Drawing Management System”

  • provides an alternative to traditional blueprints and permits the restriction of only the latest version of drawings for field use.


Field-IT™ “Field Management System”

  • connects field workers to the office to provide visibility into what’s happening in the field.


Maintain-IT™ “Maintenance Management Software”

  • streamlines maintenance processes, helping organizations ensure consistent performance and increased efficiency across their facilities, equipment and vehicles by automating and monitor maintenance schedules, reducing costs, and optimizing the process of repairing and replacing key assets.


Manage-IT™ “Program Management System”

  • is the correspondence control center that posts the users “To Do” lists.


Plan-IT™ “Planning Management System”

  • allows the project manager to develop account codes, target fund sources and develop a capital improvement plan for their respective programs.


Process-IT™ “Business Management System”

  • a project management tool for teams building their workflow management processes for human resources assignments, roles and responsibilities’.


Share-IT™ “Document Sharing System”

  • a software feature that allows non-registered users to receive reports via an email.


Ticket-IT™ “Ticket Management System”

  • a standard approach for logging on site material tickets.


Time-IT™ “Time Management System”

  • a biometric allows the verification of time sheets.


Track-IT™ “Document Management System”

  • allows governance and standardization for the administration of project documentation.

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