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Assure-IT™ is ATSER’s real-time, web-based Quality Management Solution for labs in the Construction & Engineering industries.  It reduces downtime by providing real-time trend analysis to accurately predict non-conformance and eliminate rework. To accomplish this, the quality data flows automatically from field inspectors, testing technicians and remote laboratories to a centralized quality database as the first stage in providing clear quality documentation. The built-in checks and balances of the field equipment ensure accurate and timely information in the database. This results in higher quality materials and location while providing the client with a high level of confidence that its quality objectives are being met.

Key Features:

Table using Assure-IT

Ultimate construction project management system out there.

Construct with Confidence:

Assure-IT™ efficiently closes the gaps between the business units and stakeholders during the different phases of the project. This results in the owners being confident that the project’s quality initiatives are executed.

Assuring Project Quality:

Assure-IT™ provides central accessibility for all Quality Assurance activities, testing activities and comprehensive capture of workmanship. Data of field samples is updated in real-time and stored within the database.

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