Colorado Department of Transportation TREX Project

Program Budget: $1.67 Billion

Date: 2001

Completed in 2006, the T-REX project, which is the largest multi-modal transportation design-build project in U.S. history, increased mobility, enhanced accessibility and transportation options and improved safety for the traveling public.

Contracted by Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), ATSER provided construction management, materials inspection and testing and deployment of Quality Assurance software services.  The $1.67 billion project included 19.5 miles of highway expansion and improvements as well as the addition of light rail.  Using Assure-IT™, ATSER collected, analyzed and verifyed the test data resulting from the Southeast Corridors Constructors (SECC) Design-Build Contractor’s QA/QC test results.

ATSER was responsible for construction management, administration, oversight and providing a verification of the Design-Builder’s acceptance results.  ATSER’s team performed 10% of the verifications with an onsite laboratory.  The data was collected via on-line and off-line mobile devices and the entire construction team made use of a central web server.  The data, analysis and reports were available in real-time via web.