Port of Houston Authority (PHA)


  • Construct-ITTM and Track-ITTM Implementation for Port CIP Program
  • Client: Port of Houston Authority
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Project Value: $300M Annual CIP

Project Description

ATSER was selected to provide integrated Project Management information for use by the Port of Houston Authority (PHA). PHA uses Construct-IT™ to provide tracking of capital improvement projects for all phases: planning, design and construction.

Client's Challenge

The Port of Houston’s annual Capital Improvements Plan exceeds $300 million annually. Directors are required to prepare an annual plan for review and ratification. The plan provides the details as to how the $300M will be appropriated within the port throughout the year. The Port wanted to automate and streamline the accumulation of the data required to develop the plan as well as enable rapid development of reports back to managers regarding conformance and variances against the plan throughout the year. Without the software those activities required outlay of significant time and energy from already stretched personnel resources.

ATSER's Solution

ATSER was selected to deliver, configure and deploy its Manage-IT CIP software solution. The ATSER CIP system uses an Oracle open architecture database that is integrated with existing PHA database systems. ATSER provided systems integration support to configure business logic and workflow requirements into the system to promote seamless information interchange. The web-based technology includes Internet security controlled by individual login/passwords that define roles, responsibilities, viewing, editing, and access rights.

The ATSER Software performs detailed estimate tracking of project timelines and documentation of cost, schedule, quality and contract administration information for all engineering and construction CIP projects. The system includes a comprehensive Document Control System, Track-IT to house all project information in a single repository. The system also includes Assure-IT to help create the highest level of confidence in the quality of the materials and workmanship during the construction phase of projects. ATSER also assisted with configuration of POH servers to accept our software and opening of firewall ports and router configuration.


ATSER successfully deployed its software into the Port of Houston and continues to provide the software support required to keep the software current for today’s needs. This project illustrated ATSER’s ability to customize, configure, deploy and migrate to one centralized database the information needed to plan and administer a multi-million dollar CIP budget.