Harris County Sports & Convention Corp


  • Construct-IT™ and Track-IT™ Implementation for Reliant Stadium Project
  • Owner: Harris County
  • Client: Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Project Cost: $449 Million

Project Description

ATSER's Construct-IT™ and Track-IT™ web-based technology were utilized to provide integrated Project Management information for use by the Harris County Sports Authority. The software was used to coordinate activities of the design consultant team and value engineering. It was also used to facilitate design reviews and coordination with two major tenants, generate status reports and manage review of the consultant’s requests for additional services. Additionally, the software automated the review and approval of monthly pay requests. During the construction phase, the software was used to enhance coordination of the activities of the Construction Manager. Also it was utilized to support review and approval of monthly pay requests, quality assurance inspection, monitoring of the project schedule and review and approval of any change order requests.

Client's Challenge

Architects were selected to begin design for the first-ever NFL retractable roof football stadium in 1997. The intention was to create a football stadium that would operate like an open-air facility but have the comfort of an indoor arena. The building was ultimately designed with a retractable roof that is 265 feet off the playing field, and nearly 2 million square feet. The stadium was completed within 32 months of the formal March 9, 2001 groundbreaking. The 32 month construction schedule was impressive when you consider that the project manager had to assure that more than 1,065 daily workers were in place prepared to assemble the 17,274 tons of structural steel and 160,000 cubic yards of concrete contained within the stadium. Other challenges included the assembly and installation of 14 press boxes with 240 workstations, two scoreboards (each is 42 feet tall and 275 feet wide), 11 elevators, 20 escalators and four stairways accessible to the public.

ATSER's Solution

The combination of ATSER’s Construct-IT™ and Track-IT™ web-based technologies was selected to provide integrated Project Information Management and Project Document Control for use by the project oversight and owners representatives. The Construct-IT™ CPM system uses an Oracle open architecture database for storage of Engineering and Construction Project information. Information from this database is used to generate detailed reports. Construct-IT™ also performs detailed estimate tracking of project time lines and documentation of cost, schedule, quality and contract administration information for all engineering and construction projects.

The Track-IT™ Document Control System is used to store and categorize all information associated with the project. When a new Contract is opened within the Construct-IT™ module, Track-IT™ automatically creates a file folder structure that will be used to archive documents as they are created. The administrators, engineers, or project managers/directors can also customize the filing system by creating additional folders and sub-folders.


ATSER successfully deployed its software and the project was completed on schedule. This project illustrated ATSER’s ability to customize, configure, deploy and migrate to one centralized database the information needed to plan and administer a highly complex multi-million dollar project.