Simplify the Mix Design Process

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Asphalt-IT™ is ATSER’s web-based Automated Asphalt Mix Design Solution providing civil engineers, materials testing laboratories, contractors and asphalt materials suppliers the ability to design and control their asphalt paving mixtures. Asphalt-IT™ consists of quality control features that allow aggregate and asphalt capabilities to be completely integrated thus allowing mix component properties to be easily updated or submitted from aggregate plants. Our solution also includes Superpave™ mix design capabilities. One of the most powerful features in ASPHALT-IT™ is the aggregate gradation optimization tool that has four basic approaches.

“The program itself has been checked against (8) eight Superpave™ Mix Designs and appears to be very accurate in predicting volumetric mixture properties. Of the (8) eight designs, Voids in Mineral Aggregate (VMA) has only varied about 0.2% from the actual design value. This degree of accuracy will be helpful in eliminating some of the trial and error currently involved in selecting a mixture gradation that will meet specification requirements.”

-Donald E. Watson, Georgia Department of Transportation


Key Features:

Email alerts on quality failure

Automatic Data Analysis

Lab Batching

Risk Analysis

Mix Component Substitution

Create Multiple Trial and Final Mixes