ATSER's Story & Name

ATSER has a long history of serving the Engineering and Construction community.

ATSER has developed a full range of software solutions for the engineering and construction industry. Our history for a quarter century has been to foster innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit in our employees. ATSER’s reputation has grown such that today we provide the “world’s best” software solutions for the engineering and construction industry. This status is a testimony to the professional reputation of our engineering and technical staff in information management technology.

ATSER’s Name Represents

A - Advanced

We have been a leader in innovation related to engineering and construction industry, with technologies built for TODAY's broadband wireless technologies conceived years before they were possible.

T - Technology

Our technology, from the simplest engineering operation through the complex calculations and databases maintained by our system, has become one of the most reliable platforms for all manner of construction-related activity, with billions of dollars of accurate data available on desktops and mobile devices.

S - Science

Our history has included scientific advancement to the engineering and construction industry. Our intellectual property achievements have been recognized nationally through the award of numerous patents, copyrights, and trademarks within the industry.

E - Engineering

Our process of determining the required engineering and construction workflow is unmatched. We have set the standard for securing real-time information that provides our clients with the necessary confidence for their everyday decisions, provides detailed accountability throughout the process so that projects have been executed on time and within budget.

R - Research

We constantly are developing new technologies and undertake research to maintain our positon as the industry leader. Our innovation has included assisting our clients in their work processes. From digital imaging recall to multiple inspectors working both online and offline, to new technologies to come; we leverage that new development for each customer, at no extra expense, giving them the latest developments to assist them in their projects. New application research gives us the ability to use older tried-and-true capabilities and in newer technologies just now coming available in the industry.

How We Help

Expertise for All Levels of your Enterprise: Saving Money, Time and Improving Quality

We specialize in automating your workflow to create a unified effort for your team, even down to the third-party contributors in each project. This ensures quality data is saved, proper persons are notified and each detail is complete down to the closeout audit and checklist. Results from using automation should reduce time, increase quality and information, and make each company more competitive in each challenging venture.

ATSER helps prioritize projects by:

  • Providing a central repository for all relevant data for each and every project
  • Collaborating with all project participants in a web-based environment
  • Enabling seamless communication with subcontractors, architects and engineers
  • Eliminating the need for (and errors associated with) data re-entry derived at field locations
  • Monitoring, analyzing, and spotting trends for project and subcontractor performance

ATSER’s suite of software extends your construction office throughout the enterprise, including the field. You manage on true, real time information.

The ATSER software programs are a comprehensive Program Management solution which enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of managing multiple construction activities.

Integrity - Earning your Trust, Confidence & Your Business

Your organization needs someone who understands the industry and solutions required.

ATSER has successfully deployed its software in a variety of enterprise accounts. Typically, the first major task in a software deployment is workflow adaptation. We work to adapt our system to the customer’s workflow and processes for tracking items such as program planning, project design, right of way acquisition, permits, RFIs, change orders and submittals.

The second major task is system integration. This consists of systems integration between the customer's applications and ATSER's software applications.

ATSER is experienced in developing and interfacing our applications to financial and enterprise database systems. We have interfaced our applications with enterprise management systems including; accounting systems, scheduling systems, estimating systems and other project control systems.

Data Migration is the third major task, ATSER utilizes different existing databases and financial formulas into our system’s master repository Oracle database. This occurs in three steps: developing a conversion routine, performing integration tasks and testing the data for quality assurance.

Each customer relationship is managed by a Senior Relationship Manager trained to achieve customer satisfaction and enhance the customer experience with our software and our employees. These relationship managers also conduct ROI documentation studies, needs analysis and annual business reviews for each account.

Our Processes - Solid, Tried, True

Construction Workmanship Worthy of Praise from America's Greatest Builders

The sheer number of moving parts that must come together on schedule at the correct field location in order to produce a structure can be overwhelming. On top of these logistical issues comes the declining experience level prevalent within the construction industry. It is generally recognized that the experience level of not only laborers but also project engineers, project managers and inspectors continues to decline. The continuing decline of experienced construction laborers and managerial staff makes access to workmanship procedures vitally important. Workmanship management concerns have also become critical issues for owner's representatives and contractor's representatives who must make field-level decisions related to acceptance of materials and workmanship.

Does your present workmanship management system enable your entire team:

  • To define and continuously update field construction procedures while also making them immediately available at the construction site for review and use by field superintendents and laborers prior to starting work on a job?
  • Provide step-by-step check lists for inspectors and construction foremen to use prior to approving the job site as acceptable in order to proceed with the next step of the job?
  • Enable paperless completion of field inspection reports that can also be immediately synced back to a central data repository for review by managers and engineers?
  • Rapidly search for and produce for field use a “missing” field procedure critical to maintaining an orderly progress of work at the job site?

If managing tasks like these is carrying a high cost or is taking away from time spent in the field (or even worse time invested with your family at home) then perhaps it is time for you to investigate the power of ATSER's Workmanship Management software.

Our Uniqueness & Services

We center our attention on your professional services, and automate your expertise.

Two activities our customers often need from the ATSER Professional Services team are assistance with Data Migration (from the client’s legacy systems into a central data repository) and Customization. ATSER’s Professional Services team has successfully implemented this suite of software for many different customers following a detailed implementation project plan. We also follow up with the client to ensure the product we deliver conforms to the client's specifications. If any significant issue arises while configuring and deploying the system ATSER’s Professional Services Team will ensure the problem is resolved in a satisfactory manner.

The System Deployment approach consists of four (4) phases.

  • Phase 1: Assessment
  • Phase 2: System Configuration and Customization
  • Phase 3: Deploy System
  • Phase 4: Optimization

Most major problems can be avoided by following this four phased deployment plan. Typically little customization is needed because the ATSER suite of software has already been utilized by a large number of Program Management clients; not only is the customer base large but ATSER’s own engineering arm is also a major user of the software. Whenever significant Professional Services are needed the ATSER Professional Services Team will first develop a Requirements and Workplan. ATSER will abide by what is agreed upon in the Requirements and Workplan document.

If a significant issue occurs that was not anticipated in the original scope outlined in the Requirements and Workplan document, ATSER will initiate the change management process. ATSER follows a stringent change management process and will proceed with any work only after final approval is received from the client. ATSER will discuss the problem with the client and provide multiple solutions with cost and schedule. If the client agrees to move forward with one of the solutions proposed ATSER will obtain final approval from the client and will make the appropriate changes.

At every turn, our clients talk with the very persons who authored, edited and even used the software for the clients we represent. We provide your services with several hundred years of collective experience, with seasoned engineers, architects, software creators and more to be assured your processes are greater than imagined, and reliable at every turn.