Quality Management System (Workmanship)

ATSER, the leader in engineering software, has “pioneered” the dynamic travelers form for the construction industry. Assure-ITTM Quality Management System, the world’s first real alternative for proof of contract and workmanship and compliance.

Draw-ITTM a design draying web based solution offers a real practical solution for managing design drawing and construction projects through the use of mobile devices.

The features include the following:

  • Real-time Inspection Testing Plan (ITP)
  • Library of electronic construction items checklist
  • Plurality of inspectors data entry on traveler form
  • Best practices checklists
  • Version control of inspection changes
  • Electronic signatures and approvals
  • Electronic notification of required inspection
  • Log of required inspections
  • Warning log
  • On-line data collection
  • Off-line data collection