Quality Management System

ATSER, the leader in engineering software, has “pioneered” the automation of testing for the construction industry. Assure-ITTM Quality Management System was the world’s first real time quality management system via the web. ATSER's solution brought governance to the multitude of testing laboratories within a given program. The software solution also brings standardization to the collection, calculation and reporting of traditional test results.

The features include the following:

  • Library of electronic construction standard tests
  • Governance for infinite number of testing laboratories
  • Standardization of test results
  • Electronic recording, calculating and reporting via the web
  • Real-time individual test reports
  • Real-time trending
  • Analysis of results
  • Traceability numbers for categorizing test results
  • GPS Locations
  • Mobile devices compatibility
  • Operating systems compatibility (windows, android, and apple)
  • Browser compatibility
  • On-line data collection
  • Off-line data collection