Bidding Management System (Engineer Estimate Verification)

ATSER professionals developed a design management solution that provides an electronic solution for the construction bidding process. Design-ITTM Design Management System provides an electronic software solution for the typical activities within the construction bidding process. ATSER’s solution brings standardization to the bidding process, improves the accuracy of the engineer's estimate and facilitates the analysis of bids.

The features include the following:

  • Historic database of bid items
  • Bidder upload
  • Improvement of the accuracy of the engineer’s estimate
  • Verification of the engineer’s estimate
  • Analysis of bidder estimates
  • Engineer estimate comparisons by item
  • Due date notifications
  • Contractor bidding history
  • Cost history per bid items
  • Ability to track bid construction items
  • Standardization of the bidding process
  • Improvement of efficiency of the owner design management staff