- Assistance with Latent Ineffeciency

Manage-IT assists you with expertise in every phase of your project, especially in streamlining and mitigating loss. A trickle-down effect occurs when managers lose their standardization and control--and these usually result in gross errors and an erosion of the bottom-line, our greatest measure of efficiency.

From your Planning & Design, to Engineering, Construction, even Operations through Maintenance, our system maximizes each effort, saving time and money for your overall success. Loss in time and budget often occurs when efficiency in a work flow or process fails. Failures can come from redundancy and error, unusual tasks and wait times, delays in approvals or changes in the field. Any of these issues tie up personnel, equipment, and resources dealying the project and increasing costs. We often see a loss (as experienced in spreadsheets) as version control becomes unmanageable. Errors begin to stack up in the spreadsheet, when formulas create errors, and links begin to fail.

All your processes now have a natural workflow based on your existing practices, taking out inefficiencies in systems, man-effort, accountability and document control.