Product Overview

Time-ITTM Time Card Management System is a unique biometric identification recognition feature. This system provides an electronic timesheet that authenticates each individual by recording the attendance data of individuals based on their registered fingerprints. It allows the individual to electronically record daily time entry accurately by “clocking-in” and “clocking-out.”

Key Features of Track-ITTM

  • Tracking the Individuals Daily Actives at an Offsite Location
  • Accurate Time Sheet
  • Records Automatically
  • Records Details Accurately
  • Authentication Personnel
  • User Authentication
  • Recorded Time In
  • Record Time Out
  • Real-time labor reports
  • GPS Locations
  • Mobile devices compatibility
  • Operating systems compatibility (windows, android, and apple)
  • Browser compatibility
  • On-line data collection
  • Off-line data collection