Product Overview

Manage-ITTM Program Management System is a state of the art web-based software solution that provides an integrated document management system for all phases of the program including planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance. The hub allows administration documentation, drawing, cost, schedule and quality management systems. There are a number of software modules that are designed to facilitate the collection, review, archiving and eventual retrieval at a later date. The modules are unique but also integrated and complementary programs. Working independently or in conjunction with each other, these programs allow the management of all documents, control cost, schedule and quality. These software suites enable the management team to review, cost, schedule and quality in real-time during the various project phases of work including planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance. The suite of software is compatible with all operating systems and browsers available today.

This suite of tools can be adapted to manage a variety of project types, industries, and sizes. Utilizing Manage-ITTM enhances control by providing “true” real-time information, giving you confidence and comfort that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

Manage-ITTM is an integrated toolbox containing Assure-ITTM for Testing and Quality Control, Construct-ITTM for the administration of the entire Construction Cycle, and Track-ITTM for document control with versioning, collaboration and organization through your continuing O&M processes.

Product Benefits

  • Maintain data security through role-based password protected viewing rights
  • Tracking of multiple funding sources.
  • Simplify Program Management through single-view GIS map of all projects.
  • Maximize investment in legacy, third party applications by leveraging of “Open Standards” platform.
  • Achieve time savings of more than 90% through automation and customization to your business process.
  • Transition smoothly throughout the different phases of the project lifecycle.