Product Overview

Draw-ITTM Design Drawing Management is a unique drawing management software system that serves as an alternative to traditional blueprints. The software enables the designers to upload their design packages to the library, index and retrieve for future use. The software also allows the latest versions to be viewed quickly through the use of mobile devices. All archived versions remain available for a detailed history.

Key Features of Draw-ITTM

  • Central Repository for All Design Packages
  • Use of Standard PDF Formats
  • Historical View of All Plans
  • Ease of Collaboration of IFC and NDCs, etc.
  • Drawings Library for Cataloging and Version Control
  • Real-time Access via Mobile Devices
  • Electronic Design Changes Comments
  • Allows Comments Fields on Drawings and Routing
  • Grouping, Packaging, Markup, etc.
  • Upload design drawings into electronic library
  • Ensures correct drawings version for field use
  • Version control of drawings changes
  • Mobile markup for RFI
  • Efficient communication between designer and construction team
  • Drawing Changes Tracking Log
  • Electronic Redlines