Product Overview

Dispatch-ITTM Work Request Management System is a web-based, Service Request Automation System that logs incoming service requests, generates a work order to address that request, tracks work progress and provides real time status and reporting capabilities to enhance client satisfaction. Dispatch-IT™ also creates work orders for inspectors and technicians to be dispatched into the field. The system will allow the dispatcher to create electronic work orders describing the type of work that needs to be performed, the procedure to be used to perform that work, the location of the work, the time they need to be there, and the technician assigned to perform the work. The work order is electronically received on the technician’s or inspector’s mobile device.

Key Features of Dispatch-ITTM

  • Electronic request for activity

  • Governance for event request

  • Standardization of request
  • Scope of service review
  • Work Order Generation
  • Work Order Searching
  • Electronic recording, calculating and reporting via the web
Real-time individual test reports

  • Real-time trending
  • Analysis of results
  • Traceability numbers for categorizing requests
  • GPS Locations
  • Mobile devices compatibility
  • Operating systems compatibility (windows, android and apple)
  • Browser compatibility
  • On-line data collection

  • Off-line data collection