Product Overview

Design-ITTM Design Management System is comprehensive web-based design management system. The system is a project design management tool that allows the consultant and the design engineer team to track all design information from agreements to schedules to values, amendments, and invoices. This system allows the user to prepare cost versus budget reconciliation documents required to satisfy public transparency requirements. With the system users can setup design agreements with multiple vendors that can be efficiently accessed and utilized throughout the project lifecycle. Design-IT can process invoices associated with the projects from receipt to approval to payment in a timely manner. It also can rapidly produce standard reports (such as variance budget reports, priority project, project phase chart reports, project schedule reports, etc.) requested by various stakeholders.

Key Features of Design-ITTM

  • Preliminary Estimate

  • Conceptual Design

  • Cost vs. Budget
  • Design Agreement
  • Design Invoices
  • Standard Reports
  • Milestones Notification
Review Comment Tracking & Resolution

  • Historic database of bid items

  • Bidder upload
  • Improve the accuracy of the engineer’s estimate
  • Verification of the engineer’s estimate
  • Analysis of bidder estimates
  • Engineer estimate comparisons by item
  • Due date notifications
  • Contractor bidding history

  • Cost history per bid items
  • Tracking bid construction items
  • Improves engineers estimate
  • Standardize the bidding processe
  • Improve efficiency of the owner design management staff