Product Overview

Assure-ITTM “Quality Management System” is a unique quality management software solution for collecting, analyzing, reporting, archiving and facilitating future retrieval. The system includes the use of best practices check lists for design and construction activities. In addition, the compliance reports (ITP) permit a multiple inspectors to enter their data on the same form. The electronic feature facilitates communication between the contractor and inspection and testing requests. The software also enhances reporting and reduces the potential for disrupting the schedule. The material testing features allow the collection, analysis, and reporting in real time. The analysis feature allows the evaluation of the collected data. The data is shared with all team members via the web.

Key Features of Assure-ITTM

  • Library of Electronic Construction Standard Tests
  • Field Inspections & Reporting Using Mobile Devices
  • Multi-laboratory Real-time Access Using Standardized Reporting
  • Standard Materials Tests
  • Process Control Charts
  • Comprehensive Statistical Data Analysis
  • Requirements Management System
  • Compliance Audit Management
  • Producer / Supplier Management
  • Non-Conformance Alerts & Reporting
  • Dispatching for Field Services
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Pay Factor and Percent Within Limits (PWL)
  • Standardized Reporting of Quality Records
  • Electronic Construction Items Checklists
  • Electronic Construction Items Compliance Reports (ITP)
  • Standardization of Test Results
  • Electronic Recording, Calculating and Reporting via the web
  • Real-time Individual Test Reports
  • Real-time Trending
  • Traceability Numbers for Categorizing Test Results
  • GPS Locations
  • Mobile Devices Compatibility
  • Operating Systems Compatibility (Windows, Android, and Apple)
  • On-line Data Collection
  • Off-line Data Collection