Manage-IT™ is changing the way engineering and construction firms work together. You can manage your projects from any web-connected mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop. Manage-IT™ enables you to share vital information to dramatically improve efficiency and accountability. Our software provides team members with a 360° view of a project’s status with personalized dashboards for each user role and responsibility.


The Manage-IT™ suite of patent-pending software contains ATSER’s Assure-IT­™, Construct-IT™, Draw-IT™, and Track-IT™. Each piece of software works together to allow your team to see the entire project in real time to control cost, schedules, and documentation. Built on a patented automation platform, Manage-IT™’s adaptability and rapid deployment can easily integrate into your business’ process to replace manual tasks, drive efficiencies up, and eliminate costly errors. This allows your management team to deliver quality reports on time while staying in budget.

Assure-IT A Robust Quality Management System

Assure-IT™ is a unique web-based quality management tool for labs in the construction and engineering industry. It enables you to statistically analyze real-time lab and field data to determine material acceptance criteria quickly and efficiently. Our system provides quick turnaround and reduces downtime and rework for your team.

From soil and aggregates to concrete and asphalt, Assure-IT™ provides a central database for all Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities. Information about physical material field samples is updated in real time and stored within the database. Assure-IT™‘s built-in checks and balances ensure accurate and timely information resulting in higher quality materials and level of confidence that all goals are being met.

Ultimate construction project management system out there.

Construct-IT™ is a user-friendly, intuitive Construction Management System that allows you the ability to manage your construction projects from planning to maintenance. Our technology assists the contractors and owners with specific contract information such as cost control, change orders, work-in-progress reports, punch lists, submittals, RFI’s, schedule interfaces, automatic bid tabulation, and much more. Information from the software can be combined with any existing system to provide even more comprehensive reports.  ATSER’s Construct-IT™ detailed tracking of estimates, project timelines, and administrative information streamlines the building process and delivers on-time, accurate results.

Track pick up and delivery of products in the construction industry.

Draw-IT™ is ATSER’s cloud-based alternative to traditional blueprints and outdated email attachments. For use on all platforms, Draw-IT™ delivers real-time electronic drawings in the field and in the office. Contractors are able to download, markup, and provide feedback at all stages of the design, construction and, inspection process. Our version control system allows you to use the latest, most accurate drawings across the entire project, to maximize a quality history for all parties. Correspondence is saved and tracked between the field and office empowering quick decision-making and preventing costly errors.

ATSER’s Draw-IT™ expands our services to every situation, whether using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone you can download, markup and send requests for information. Using ATSER’s tools streamlines the design, construction, and inspection process while establishing and maintaining an accurate and historical database.


Track-IT™ is ATSER’s web-based Document Management Solution that allows Owners, Designers, Contractors and other service providers the capability to store and categorize all information associated with any project. When a new project is created within any of ATSER’s other software modules, Track-IT™ automatically creates a structured directory used to archive documents as they are created and modified. Your team can customize the library of information to suit the specific requirements for each project as needed. Another feature included with Track-IT™ is Share-IT™, which allows you to “share” any document with 3rd party individuals involved with the process with or without system access. This aspect allows teams to share information with all program personnel via a centralized database promoting greater collaboration and coordination of activities.