President Donald Trump Visits ATSER™ Client And Discusses The First Trucks-Only HOV Lanes in America

President Donald Trump Visits ATSER™ Client And Discusses The First Trucks-Only HOV Lanes in America

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Atlanta, GA During his July 2020 visit to Atlanta, President Donald Trump touted Georgia’s I-75 Commercial Vehicle Lanes project as the first trucks/commercial vehicles-only HOV lane in America. Experts say these new lanes will not only reduce traffic but will also improve freight operator and passenger vehicle safety. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) the new lanes will also be non-tolled and span across five counties: Henry, Spalding, Butts, Lamar, and Monroe.


This project is currently in the development phase to evaluate project limits, develop design standards, identify environmentally sensitive areas, study existing and future freight and passenger traffic patterns, and identify potential access locations. Highlights and features of this project include (per


  • The project is the first of its kind in the country due to the project being non-tolled, truck-only lanes.
  • Adds two, toll-free Commercial Vehicle Lanes (CVL) along I-75 northbound from Interstate 475 (I-475) north of Macon to the vicinity of State Route 155 (SR 155) near McDonough.
  • The commercial vehicle lanes will be barrier separated from the general purpose lanes.
  • Major structures work will be required to accommodate the new CVLs, including 27 new bridges, replacements, or widenings.
  • The project will accommodate future direct-access ramps to a potential Bethlehem Road Interchange, as well as incorporate desired connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology.

The I-75 Commercial Vehicle Lanes project is part of the Major Mobility Investment Program (MMIP) projects and is scheduled to open to traffic almost two years earlier than originally planned.


Reflecting on this project and the MMIP, ATSER™ CEO Dr. Fred Martinez said, “The Georgia Department of Transportation has a very progressive, cutting-edge transportation program. ATSER™ is proud to have been chosen to improve their system. We provide the Quality Management System (QMS) for their Office of Innovative Delivery (OID) programs. Our QMS, Assure-IT™, has been an invaluable tool for them and helps them administer their quality management program.”


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