Granite Construction Camino Colombia Toll Road

Client: Granite Construction

Project Owner: Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

Program Budget: $100 Million

Date: 1999

The Camino Columbia Toll Road project evolved because of the North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA).  Access from Mexico to the United States needed improvement due to the increased volume of traffic.  The toll road was designed to improve North/South access to and from Mexico and the U.S. through the construction of a $100 million, 22 miles, two-lane toll way.  The project also included the construction of 10 roadway intersections requiring bridges.  The project made use of local materials with eight inches of prepared fill, 10.5 inches of stabilized asphalt and 2.5 inches of HMAC

ATSER was retained by the Design-Build team to review and develop an alternate structural pavement design in accordance with TxDOT standards.  During construction, ATSER was responsible for the entire Quality Assurance Program including establishing the project controls for quality assurance and quality acceptance.  ATSER also monitored the use of local materials and their availability as well as reviewing material test results.  ATSER provided full-time, on-site personnel to provide field testing, inspection and laboratory services as well as the administration of the Quality Assurance Program throughout the duration of the project.  Our Assure-ITsoftware application provided real-time inspection and material testing data.