MassDOT Goes Live with ATSER’s Assure-IT™

MassDOT Goes Live with ATSER’s Assure-IT™

ATSER teamed with MassDOT to implement a statewide Laboratory Information Materials Management System (LIMMS). ATSER’s LIMMS solution, Assure-IT ™ “Quality Management System” allows MassDOT to:

  • Manage producers, suppliers & contractors
  • Track and control approved mix designs to be used statewide
  • Track and maintain personnel certifications
  • Track warnings and non-conformances statewide
  • Track field and laboratory tests to the bid items
  • Enable RFID technology to index the vast number of concrete test samples that are generated by a DOT
  • Maintain chain of custody tracking

Assure-IT™ updates testing and inspection information for all physical material field samples in real-time and stored the results in the database.  Assure-IT™’s includes automatic checks and balances to ensure accurate and timely information resulting in higher quality materials and a greater level of confidence that all requirements are satisfied.

MassDOT selected  ATSER’s management software for many reasons.  ATSER’s Assure-IT  programs provide:

  • Customized (per customer’s needs) web-based quality management tool for labs in the construction and engineering industry
  • Enables you to statistically analyze real-time lab and field data to determine material acceptance criteria quickly and efficiently
  • Provides real time reporting
  • A central database for all quality activities
  • Brings governance and standardization to the construction materials inspection and testing Program

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