Improve HR Management of Field Activities

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Dispatch-IT™ is ATSER’s Workforce Management Solution designed to automate manual dispatch processes and scheduling of your field personnel.  With Dispatch-IT™, you can track work order requests, notify field techs of their daily work order tasks and receive information back from them as it is entered into the system. The solution allows the dispatcher to create electronic work orders describing the type of work that needs to be performed, the procedure to be used to perform that work, the location of the work, the time they need to be there, and the technician assigned to perform the work.  The work order is electronically received on the technician’s or inspector’s mobile device.  The technician will then complete the work and enter the results on the mobile device and then sync it back real time to the Dispatch-IT™ database for review. Dispatch-IT™ is an efficient way to manage your work orders and allocate your available resources to maximize output and minimize costs.  Using Dispatch-IT™ along with Assure-IT™, our Quality Management Solution, provides a complete Dispatch-to-Delivery solution.

Tablet using the Dispatch-IT system.

Key Features:

Electronic Request for Activity

Governance for Event Request

Standardization of Request

Scope of Service Review

Work Order Generation

Work Order Searching

Electronic Recording, Calculating and Reporting via the Web

Using Dispatch-IT on a desktop computer.

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