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  • Client: City of Pearland
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    The City of Pearland is one of America’s fastest growing suburban areas, tripling in population from year 2000 to 2010. With this rapid growth, Pearland’s project coordinators needed a management solution that could keep up. Over one hundred and thirty years ago, immigrant fruit harvesters founded a small Texas town. Today the city of Pearland remembers its rural roots, but relishes its modern growth into the fastest growing Suburb of Houston, Texas. In just the last decade, Pearland has tripled in size to more than 125,000 people—including some of Greater Houston’s largest master-planned communities. This growth brought challenges to the City of Pearland Projects Department. “We were in the initial phases of several major projects,” explains Cuong Le, Project Coordinator for the Projects Department. “These included reconstruction of a major road, adding a new water main to the city grid, implementing a 2.2 mile master planned hike and bike trail, and managing the high profile installation of a 35-foot tall entry monument for the city.”


To continue effectively delivering quality transportation, facility, drainage, and utility projects on time and within budget, the Projects Department sought out a comprehensive project management solution that could increase productivity, enable better collaboration, and ultimately ensure high quality at a lower cost.


One of the major benefits of ATSER Manage-IT is its "true" real-time data gathering approach that enables inspectors to submit daily reports from any web-enabled device—making information instantly available to other team members and management. ATSER Manage-ITTM is a robust, fully integrated suite of real-time management solutions for the engineering and construction industries. It is used by public and private organizations to facilitate and deliver information throughout the project lifecycle—planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance including materials engineering and workmanship.


The Pearland Projects Department selected ATSER® Manage-IT™ Program Management Software because of its proven track record of delivering comprehensive, integrated real-time management solutions for the engineering and construction industries.