Maximizing Value for "ISD" Bond Programs

Maximizing Value for ISD Bond Programs

ATSER Program Management Software is used worldwide to automate and standardize complex engineering and construction programs. These programs are comprised of projects requiring oversight of administrative budgets, construction quality, and rigorous schedules. ATSER has the reputation of a firm led by respected principals who take pride in software that helps clients deliver quality products—on time and within budget.

We believe the reason that we often hear of how every School District official is in constant meetings and hit constant workflow walls. It is because these key administrators are often overwhelmed with countless hours of administrative detail. They also care deeply about the district’s success and their role in education and community support. They have a life-passion, expressed in this community service.

Our Manage-ITTM Construction Management Solution has been uniquely successful, assisting districts of smaller scale and those with $2 billion dollar CIP plans and University campuses. We value the effort to save time and money through technology to give students the best experience, with the best facilities possible. They are our future.

Take a quick inventory, and see how many of these savings could help your current operations:

  • Saving Time & Efforts: Ease of Reporting and Detail, Moving Accountability to Others
  • Saving Personnel Expense Talent/Time: Keep Staffing and Field Head-Count Low
  • Savings Regarding Compliance/Risk: Complete Document /Drawing Retrieval & Storage for Simpler
  • Savings of True Net Cost: ROI provides extra funds for more CIP, Equipment, and Supplies
  • Savings through Synergy: Systemized CIP Projection for Planning & Collaboration, Goals
  • Savings through “Up-time” : Operations, Maintenance, Warranty-Slowdowns Avoided
  • Savings in Transparency : Provide Needed Transparency (Community Buy-in)

Remember that Return-On-Investment really goes both ways. Yes, a 9-12% return could give you $5 million more to work with, in a $50 million CIP venture. ROI is financial, but it is also personal. Each child benefits directly from the careful use of the resources you manage, using conventions like software.

The investment you make, in the betterment of campuses, outfitted with the best advancements that a dollar can buy, is crucial to your community’s success. Consider how your influence could increase, through the use of technology and keen management tools. ATSER is a company ready to advance your planning and construction processes through our expertise and experience.

CASE STUDY: Houston ISD 5 Year Bond Program

Houston Independent School District (HISD) is the largest public school system in Texas, and the seventh largest in the United States, with over 200,000 students and almost 300 campuses across greater Houston.

As a vibrant and growing city that’s already the fourth largest in the United States, Houston’s Independent School District has a major responsibility to provide more and more classrooms for an increasing population—and HISD tasked a CMPA Team with overseeing the renovation of 50 school campuses.

Many HISD campuses were constructed prior to 1960. To accommodate more students, meet safety standards, and include security upgrades, the CMPA Team recognized the need to rehabilitate their mechanical, electrical, and plumbing through the new bond initiative.

In order to make more efficient use of the rehabilitation funds, management decided to invest in technology that would replace their inefficient, paper-based processes, support their increased workload with industry-specific workflows, and enable collaboration between team members.

The Team investigated software solutions to reduce their manual process and allow for better communication between the fields, their campuses, and administration. They needed an application that could simplify and streamline daily reporting, pay estimates, change orders, and project status reports. They now have the access to real-time drawings in the field, for quick turnarounds on decisions that cost time and money, and allow for a rich library of as-builts, especially for renovation projects that can use historical documentation.

ATSER delivered a cost-effective, robust solution. A major benefit of ATSER Manage-IT is its "true" real-time data gathering approach that enables all field staff to submit daily reports from any web-enabled device—making information instantly available to other team members and management.