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Your organization needs someone who understands the industry and solutions required.

ATSER has successfully deployed its software in a variety of enterprise accounts. Typically, the first major task in a software deployment is workflow adaptation. We work to adapt our system to the customer’s workflow and processes for tracking items such as program planning, project design, right of way acquisition, permits, RFIs, change orders and submittals.

The second major task is system integration. This consists of systems integration between the customer's applications and ATSER's software applications.

ATSER is experienced in developing and interfacing our applications to financial and enterprise database systems. We have interfaced our applications with enterprise management systems including; accounting systems, scheduling systems, estimating systems and other project control systems.

Data Migration is the third major task, ATSER utilizes different existing databases and financial formulas into our system’s master repository Oracle database. This occurs in three steps: developing a conversion routine, performing integration tasks and testing the data for quality assurance.

Each customer relationship is managed by a Senior Relationship Manager trained to achieve customer satisfaction and enhance the customer experience with our software and our employees. These relationship managers also conduct ROI documentation studies, needs analysis and annual business reviews for each account.