PTP Transportation


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  • Multiple-Project Civil and Private Investment Program Management
  • PTP's corporate influence spans most of Texas and beyond.
  • Their services include:

    Program Management, Transportation Planning, Regulatory Permitting, Right-of-Way Acquisition, Design and Survey, Construction Management, Construction Materials Testing, Utility Relocation, Project Finance


  • Client: Pate Transportation Partners
  • Project Value: $100-200mil Annual Design Engineering and Build
  • Project Description
    PTP Transportation is a turnkey provider of transportation construction services including environmental studies, design, right-of-way acquisition, and utility relocation. PTP required a web-based solution to increase collaboration, automate workflow, and optimize performance.


PTP has successfully delivered more than half a billion dollars in transportation projects across Texas, capitalizing on the tremendous growth of the state’s population and need for massive new infrastructure. As the company grew to accommodate more and more business, they recognized the need to invest in technology to replace their paper-based and inefficient office software processes, support the increased workload with industry-specific workflows, and enable collaboration between team members.

“Our inspectors hand wrote the daily activities and reports in hard bound notebooks,” explains Vanessa Wallace, Construction Assistant at PTP. “Pay item sheets were done manually, and pay estimates were done in Microsoft Excel.”


PTP started to investigate software solutions to reduce their paper-based, manual process and allow for better communication between the field, their multiple offices, and corporate. "We wanted simplicity," says Wallace, "and an application that housed daily reports, pay estimates, change orders, and project status reports."

Their enterprise chose ATSER® Manage-IT™ Program Management Software because of its comprehensive, enterprise-class suite of real-time management solutions delivered as a cost-effective, cloud-based application. Inspectors are now able to electronically submit reports, which are instantly available to management and team members for real-time review and feedback—saving time, reducing paper use, improving accuracy, optimizing performance, and maximizing profitability.

A big benefit of ATSER Manage-IT is how it enables inspectors to submit daily reports from any web-enabled device--making information available to other team members and management in real-time.


ATSER Manage-IT is a robust, fully integrated suite of real-time management solutions for the engineering and construction industries. It is used by public and private organizations to facilitate and deliver information throughout the project lifecycle—planning, design, bidding, construction, operations, and maintenance including materials engineering and workmanship.

ATSER Manage-IT provides a suite of solutions—many exclusive to ATSER and unavailable from competitors. Delivered cost-effectively as a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) application, you can easily implement and dynamically scale to geographically diverse project teams without the IT headache of provisioning additional infrastructure.