METRO Transit Authority


  • Assure-ITTM Implementation for METRO Solutions Light Rail System
  • Client: Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Project Value: $2 Billion Light Rail/Transit System

Project Description

ATSER was selected to provide Strategic Quality Assurance Oversight Services on METRO Solution, Phase 2. ATSER, in conjunction with METRO staff, is monitoring & evaluating facility provider firms' quality assurance programs through the collection of relevant data, management of the data via ATSER’s Assure-ITTM software tools, analysis of the data for significant trends, testing and production of reports for METRO.

Client's Challenge

METRO Solutions is a comprehensive transit system plan to help solve the Greater Houston region's traffic congestion and air quality problems. The plan was adopted by the METRO Board of Directors in late 2003. The plan calls for major multi-modal transit improvements across the region. METRO announced its $2 billion Phase 2 Implementation Plan in mid-2005 to provide more rapid transit for the Houston region in less time than originally proposed under METRO Solutions. Key components of the Phase 2 Implementation Plan include:

  • Nearly 30 miles of Light Rail Transit - In the North, East End, Southeast, Uptown and University Corridors;
  • 28 Miles of Commuter Rail Transit (CRT) - along U.S. 290 from Cypress Park & Ride to Inter-modal Facility and along U.S. 90A from Missouri City to Fannin South Park & Ride/Rail Station;
  • 40 Miles of Signature Bus Service/Suburban Bus Rapid Transit - Southeast Transit Center to Texas Medical Center, Uptown to U.S. 90A CRT line, Gessner and Texas 249/Tidwell;
  • 10 New Transit Facilities - Inter-modal Facilities serving different transit modes (Commuter Rail, Light Rail, buses, etc.), Transit Centers and Park & Ride lots; and
  • HOV/HOT Conversion - modify one-way, reversible High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to two-way High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes.

The Transit Authority needed a cost effective way to manage the numerous projects associated with this initiative throughout the program life cycle. Complicating the challenge is the geographic expanse of the construction program and the increased speed expected in phase 2. This “need for speed” is particularly important in the Quality Assurance process as field samples must be collected, analyzed, and statistically verified and reported as quickly as possible so as not to impede the orderly progress of work at the field construction site.

ATSER's Solution

ATSER was selected to provide sampling, testing, analysis, auditing / verification, and documentation of materials inspection and testing. Through the use of its proprietary electronic verification system called Assure-IT™, ATSER statistically analyzes and verifies the test data. Assure-IT™ enables the user to statistically analyze real-time lab and field data to determine material acceptance criteria quickly and effectively. Quick turnaround reduces the potential for downtime and rework at the field construction



ATSER successfully deployed Assure-IT™ and Phase II of the Metro Solutions program is progressing on schedule. This project illustrates ATSER’s ability to customize, configure, deploy and migrate to one centralized database the information needed to assure quality and analyze data to spot trends at a complex, geographically expansive construction program.