Houston Independent School District (HISD)


  • Construct-IT™ and Track-IT™ Implementation for 2007 Bond Program
  • Client: Houston Independent School District
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Project Value: $1.045 Billion

Project Description

ATSER's Construct-IT™ and Track-IT™ web-based technology is being utilized to provide integrated Program Management information for use by the Houston Independent School District. The software has been used since the planning stage of the Rebuild HISD Bond program and is being used through the design phase and into the construction phase of the bond program. Ultimately the software will continue to be used as the assets transition into the operations and maintenance phases of the program life-cycle.

Client's Challenge

In 2002, voters approved the $805-million Rebuild HISD bond program, whose goal is to rebuild, upgrade, and renovate schools that no longer met modern standards for learning. The following Capital Facilities Program projects are planned to be accomplished in phases over the life of the program.

  • Providing safety and security upgrades for all schools.
  • Providing science lab upgrades for all secondary schools.
  • Building 13 new replacement schools.
  • Building 3 new relief schools.
  • Expanding 2 schools to relieve overcrowding.
  • Providing for 3 additional early college campuses.
  • Building 6 new schools to replace outdated facilities with low enrollment.
  • Expanding 2 existing schools to replace older schools with low enrollment.
  • Renovate and repair 134 schools.

Rebuild HISD also addresses the renovation of gymnasiums district wide (including the installation of air-conditioning systems in all middle- and high-school facilities), the development of four early-childhood education centers throughout the district, and the upgrading of 125 school playgrounds.

The school district needed a cost effective way to manage the myriad of projects associated with this initiative throughout the program life cycle. Complicating the challenge is the geographic expanse of the bond program. It covers over 200 square miles of geography all needing real-time access to information. In addition the district needed a way to speed up and simplify the process of meeting the reporting requirements particularly important for a school district because of the need to meet transparency and accountability requirements of today’s public institutions.

ATSER's Solution

The combination of ATSER’s Construct-IT™ and Track- IT™ web-based technologies was selected to provide integrated Project Information Management and Project Document Control for use by HISD. The Construct-IT™ system uses an Oracle open architecture database for storage of all information associated with the program throughout the life-cycle of the program. Information from this database is used to generate detailed reports. Construct-IT™ also performs detailed estimate tracking of project time-lines and documentation of cost, schedule, quality and contract administration information for all HISD construction projects.

The Track-IT™ Document Control System is used to store and categorize all information associated with the project. When a new contract is opened within the Construct-IT™ module, Track-IT™ automatically creates a file folder structure that will be used to archive documents as they are created. The administrators, engineers, or project managers/directors can also customize the filing system by creating additional folders and sub-folders.


ATSER successfully deployed its software and the program is progressing on schedule. This project illustrates ATSER’s ability to customize, configure, deploy and migrate to one centralized database the information needed to plan and administer a geographically dispersed, multi-facility construction program.