Harris County (HCTRA)


  • Construct-IT™ Implementation for Public Infrastructure Division
  • Owner: Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA)
  • Location: County Wide
  • Project Value: Approximately $2 Billion Annually

Project Description

ATSER developed, delivered, and now operationally supports a web-based Capital Projects Management Tracking System (CPMTS) to provide tracking of capital projects throughout all phases of design, bidding, and construction. ATSER’s Construct-IT™, Assure-IT™ and Track-IT™ web-based technologies have been integrated together to meet the needs of Harris County. A GIS interface is the principal entry point into the hundreds of projects contained within that database and has been a major feature in the success of implementation.

Client's Challenge

Harris County’s annual Capital Improvements Plan exceeds $2 billion. Directors are required to prepare an annual plan for review and ratification. The plan provides the details as to how the $2 billion will be appropriated across the county throughout the year. The county wanted to automate and streamline the accumulation of the data required to develop the plan as well as enable rapid development of reports back to managers regarding conformance and variances against the plan throughout the year. Without the software those activities required outlay of significant time and energy from already stretched personnel resources.

ATSER's Solution

ATSER provided software to the county enabling them to monitor real-time project status, maintain more accurate record, allow project participants to effectively communicate and collaborate, access relevant project content in a secure environment and save the county money. The Construct-IT™ CPM system uses an Oracle open architecture database for storage of project information. Information from this database is used to generate detailed reports for use by Harris County engineers, project managers, and project directors, and upper management. Its data can also be combined with the existing Harris County IFAS database system to provide even more comprehensive reports. Construct-IT™ can also perform detailed estimate tracking of project timelines and documentation of cost, schedule, quality and contract administration information for all engineering and construction projects.

Project information can be accessed through several methods, including an advanced search engine, through global and segregated pull down menus, and through an easy to use Graphical Information System (GIS) interface. Once an agreement or contract has been selected, the user can enter, recall, and report on almost every aspect of an engineering or construction project. Other system capabilities include the importation of field data through PDAs and Tablet PCs, and the ability to generate and track change orders by contract.

The Track-IT™ Document Control System is used to store and categorize all information associated with any of Harris County Capital Projects. When a new Contract is opened within the Construct-IT™ module, Track-IT™ will automatically create a file folder structure that will be used to archive documents as they are created. The administrators, engineers, or project managers/directors can customize the archival of information by creatng additional folders and sub-folders.

ATSER provided customization per Harris County requirements and systems integration support to configure business logic and workflow requirements to meet their particular needs. The web-based technology includes Internet security controlled by individual login/passwords that define roles, responsibilities, viewing, editing, and access rights. ATSER assisted with configuring Harris County servers to accept our software and opening of firewall ports and router configuration.


ATSER successfully deployed its software into Harris County and continues to provide the software support required to keep the software current for today’s needs, including Sam Houston Tollway, Hardy Toll road, Westpark Tollway, and the new Grand Parkway-over 120 miles of toll road surrounding Houston. This project continues to illustrate ATSER's ability to customize, configure, deploy and migrate to one centralized database the information needed to plan and administer a multibillion dollar CIP budget.