Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) I-285 & SR 400 Interchange


  • Assure-ITTM Implementation for Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)
  • Owner: GDOT
  • Location: I-285 at SR 400 Interchange Resconstruction
  • Project Cost: $803 million
  • Project Name: Materials Acceptance Testing System (MATS)

Client's Challenge

ATSER has been selected by the Goergia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to provide a Material Acceptance Testing System (MATS). GDOT expects to expand their innovative delivery department projects. This increase required GDOT to identify a more robust software solution that would assist with the vailidation of design builders' acceptance programs. The FHWA CFR 23 requires the agencies to validate material acceptance results from design builders. Historically, GDOT made use of their own in-house software solution, but with the expected increase of strategic projects, GDOT was seeking a more comprehensive solution.

ATSER's Solution:

ATSER's Assure-ITTM Quality Management System provides a software solution deigned to assist with acceptance and validation decisions. The software also provides governance and standardization for construction management, inspection and testing requirements. The current Assure-IT features include:

  • Material and test data sheets
  • Acceptance validation system
  • Laboratory certification
  • Proficiency samples
  • Unlimited projects
  • On-line user manual
  • Document management system

ATSER’s Software Solution Assure-ITTM is a unique "Quality Management System" for collecting, analyzing, reporting, archiving and facilitating future retrieval. The electronic feature facilitates communication between the contractor and inspection and testing requests. The material testing features allow the collection, analysis and reporting in real-time. The data is shared with all team memebers via the web.